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Straal van je behandeling bij dokter Deibel

Who am I

Based in Oisterwijk, I treat people as a cosmetic doctor to make growing older a little more fun. I think it is extremely important to safeguard everyone's individuality and there is plenty of room for personal attention and time. 

In 2019 I completed my studies in Medicine at Maastricht University. After always having an affinity with the face, I have been working as a cosmetic doctor since 2020. I have now performed more than 12,000 treatments with botox and fillers.

Safety is of paramount importance to me, which is why I continue to work scientifically for further development in the cosmetic world. 

With me, results will always be natural, while maintaining your character. My philosophy that you look the way you feel, the inside must match the outside. Fewer hard lines and more refreshment, we also call that positive aging. Unnatural results are unacceptable and you will never get them with me. Every person is different, so an action plan is always tailor-made. That is one of the most important aspects of my field; the collaboration between me and my patients. By listening carefully and taking my time, I can accurately assess your wishes and expectations and provide tailor-made advice. The positivity in the profession is what gives me so much energy, I never go to work reluctantly! 

BIG number: 79926795401

Cosmetisch arts Dionne, Dokter Deibel
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